Jinu Jason Baek

I am Jinu Jason Baek, the founder of Nanoom Korea Youth.

My volunteering journey started in November 2021 with a research project on the neuroscience of elderly behavior. I joined a volunteering session with Nanoom Korea for an opportunity to live in the shoes of our older neighbors.

Little did I know, this small quest would open my eyes to the harsh reality of elderly poverty, which will only get worse as South Korea’s population rapidly ages. With the number of social workers on the decline in tandem with low birth rates, we will need a new way to inspire younger citizens to help the elders in our communities. 

Thus started the Youth branch of Nanoom Korea.

I believe that volunteering has the power to build a bridge between generations. My hope is that Nanoom Korea’s activities not only address the immediate challenges faced by the elderly but also create sustainable relationships between the young and old. 

Serving one another is the only way toward a society filled with dignity and compassion.

Nanoom Korea Youth Founder

Jinu, Jason Baek