Other Activities

Visit Socially 

Isolated Elderly

독거 노인 정서적 지원

The number of senior citizens who live alone—due to the loss of loved ones or lack of financial ability—is skyrocketing. We make weekly visits to the elderly community who live alone, providing with them necessities, easing their loneliness, and keeping them company.

Show Up at 

Unattended Funerals

무연고 사랑의 장례식

Solitary death is emerging as a prevalent issue, especially in Korea. We show up at funerals of those with no friends or family, ensuring that at least their last moments are remembered and mourned.

Provide Yeontan

연말 연탄 봉사

When winter comes, the cold is the biggest concern. Although the number of homes using briquette heating has significantly decreased, there still are elderly people who use these yeontan for warmth. Nanoom Korea Youth members hope to support these elderly people by providing them with preparations for the cold winter.

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