Live Long 


There was no photo of the deceased to adorn the funeral.

He was an elderly person living alone without friends or family.

No one cared enough to snap a photo of his solitary existence.

No picture of the deceased

No friends, no family. 

He is elderly living alone.

And in that absence of captured memories, the Live Long Portraits was our way of declaring, 
"I see you and you matter"

Capturing Respect for the Elderly Through Photography 

1. In our quest to treat them with dignity, we delved into photography, dedicating time to apprenticeship

2. Based on our experiences, we created a manual on portraiture to ensure that future NKY members can continue on this unique volunteering activity with great efficiency

3. Through the lens, shared glances, we could see that he felt cherished in his own life.

    It was truly an honor to be a part of this experience.

Portraits go beyond mere photos; it's a moment to honor a life and feel the connection beyond the lens. 

Join us 

for a profound experience