An Aging South Korea

Changes in Elderly Population

South Korea is a 

rapidly aging society, with

   46.7% of its population being elderly

The Grim Reality

Elderly Poverty Rate of OECD Countries

With 46.8% of the elderly living below the poverty line, Korea has the highest elderly poverty rate of OECD countries

South Korea has the highest rate of elderly poverty among developed nations, which is set to worsen as its population rapidly ages. We need to envision new ways to inspire youth to help elders in our communities.

Ratio of Workers to Pensioners

By 2039, 2 Koreans 

of working age 

will need to support 

1 elderly person

"Nanoom Korea Youth empowers young citizens to support the elderly in need"

Our Initiatives

Live Long 


Filial Piety National 

Youth Campaign

Briquette volunteer activities 

for neighbors in poverty

"Compassionate Funeral"

for those with no next-of-kin

"Care for the elderly 

living alone" program

Our Work in Numbers


Hours Volunteered Over 3 years


Portraits of Elderly Taken

Meet the Founder

With the number of social workers on the decline in tandem with low birth rates,  

we will need a new way to inspire younger citizens to help the elders in our communities. 

Thus started the Youth branch of Nanoom Korea.

        Jinu Jason Baek

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